Cambridge 360 T3 Golf Balls


  • Longer Distance
  • Penetrating Trajectory
  • More Consistent Flight
  • Very Soft Feel
  • Drop-on-a-Dime Greenside Control


The T3 Dual Core provides soft feel and maximum CoR for explosive distance off the tee. This Dual Core design reduces driver spin and increases trajectory giving golfers optimal launch numbers for maximum distance. At only 85 compression the T3 retains that soft feel that is preferred by golfers worldwide.


The T3’s 332 dimple pattern and blended cover allow the player to create optimal spin for iron control approaching and around the green. The T3’s cover produces the spin and durability characteristics preferred by elite players and recreational golfers alike.


The 332 dimple pattern has the latest in innovative design and allows for reduced drag and increased time of the ball in the air, generating maximum distance.